The NORTH AMERICAN SHED DOG ASSOCIATION (NASHDA) was formed to satisfy a need of fun family event to encourage the sport of shed hunting. It was designed with the goal of following what AKC and HRC Hunting Test for Retrievers program went with titles offered for Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter and Master Hunter.

Both the AKC and the HRC offer a National Hunt test for MASTER DOGS or GRAND CHAMPION dogs. Those are the dogs that are “truly finished and experienced shed hunting companions”.

In the growth of NASHDA it is time to truly reward those people who have worked hard, attended trials and proven their dog is a truly finished shed hunting dog. A final decision is NASHDA will proceed with only having a NATIONAL MASTER SHED DOG CHAMPIONSHIP to be held April. The requirements will be that a dog must have 2 MASTER passes to be invited to attended. In order for this event to be held we will require 25 MASTER dogs to attend. In the past we have allowed 1 senior pass and 1 master pass but that will no longer be accepted. Dog must have at least 2 master passes out of the 6 to title. If a dog is already titled. 2 passes would be also required. To qualify for the 2023 National Master Shed Dog Championship the final qualifying events to be held before March 26, 2023.

We encourage clubs to still hold their events. We encourage handlers to still get your Junior, and Senior Titles.

Good Luck to all the handlers and dogs as we look forward wo seeing you at the 2023 NATIONAL MASTER SHED DOG CHAMPION.

Tom Dokken