Want to hold a NASHDA shed event?

We would like to thank you for your interest in holding a NASHDA event.

Please find below the Event Registration form. This form needs to be sent in with the event registration fee to NASHDA. A NASHDA representative will look over the event request and contact you with any questions and/or approval. Once your event is approved, we will post the information about the event on the events page. At time of approval, your event representative will need to email NASHDA your website ready event entry form and deadline information so that it may be put on the events page.

Before holding the event you are responsible to make sure the grounds and the event organizers have insurance. You also will need to schedule a NASHDA certified judge for your event. Please see the NASHDA certified judge list.

During the event you will need to use the official NASHDA score sheets. The judge of the event must sign off on each score sheet. The original judge signed score sheet will need to be sent to NASHDA within 7 days after your event with the NASHDA record keeping fees, along with a complete list of the entries. Please include on the entries list the dog owner’s complete name, address, phone number and email, handler’s name, dog’s name (if registered: registered name and AKC/UKC #). The entries list should be clearly typed and list the event date, name and event contact’s name. Please do not send NASHDA entry forms. The event organizer will need to keep a permanent copy of the score sheets and entries to handle any possible issues raised later.

You will want to order your NASHDA ribbons at least 8 weeks before your event.

Again, thanks for your interest in holding a NASHDA event. We look forward to receiving your event application.



Tom Dokken

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