N.A.S.H.D.A. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is required to “host” an event?

NASHDA events may be hosted by an individual or a club. Clubs can register online and can range in primary interest from shed hunting dog clubs to multiple event dog clubs. An individual is welcome to hold a NASHDA event. A club or individual wishing to hold an event must first be approved by NASDHA. Event must be registered by NASHDA before promoting. Club and Individual must be familiar with a NASHDA event. Once approved NASHDA will promote event on the NASHDA web page and Facebook page. Further promoting by club or individual is encouraged.

What is required to judge a NASDHA event?

Judges who have been approved previously by NASHDA must be used at the event. To become a judge the individual must shadow a current judge on 5 Junior Dogs, 3 Senior Dogs and 2 Master Dogs. A Judge questionnaire must be filled out and submitted to NASHDA.

No application fee will apply.

The host or host club is required to have an approved judge on hand to officiate each event. This may range from two or more judges dependent upon how many courses are being run. Not more than 2 passes may be held at one event. An individual that is judging and running his/her own dog in the event is not allowed to set their own course or judge their own dog.

Is this program affiliated with UKC Elite Shed Dog Series and do passes in UKC count towards NASHDA titles?

This program is not affiliated with UKC Elite Shed Dog Series and passes earned at UKC Elite Shed Dog events do not count towards the requirements to earn NASHDA Titles.

Where can I find clubs, event hosts site and a listing of events nearest me?

Be sure to check club information and the Shed Dog events frequently on the sheddogtrainer.com website. NASDHA highly encourages people to check with your local dog clubs and sportsmen’s clubs to determine if there is enough interest to holding events in your area.

Are there any training classes for shed hunting?

There great information pertaining to the training of shed dogs available by searching the web. Feel free to contact any club listed on the website to see if they will be willing to work with you and your dog. A list of shed dog training kennels is also available on this site.

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